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School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University
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Ramat Aviv
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Tel Aviv
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+972 3 640 9075
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+972 3 640 9182
Research Interests: 
My research focuses on the way in which people's subjective perceptions of health and illness affect their ways of coping with health threats and ultimately the psychological and physical outcomes. This research is based on the assumption that people are active problem solvers and understanding their perceptions is crucial to understanding how they go about dealing with changes due to illness and aging. Within this framework I focus specifically on: (1) self-ratings of health and the reasons for their validity as predictors of future health; (2) illness perceptions and their relation to coping and outcomes; and, (3) psychosocial aspects of coping with women's health issues such as infertility, childbirth, high risk pregnancy, health in midlife.


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