Understanding Qualitative Research in Health Psychology

The workshop was facilitated by Kerry Chamberlain. Kerry is a Reader in Health Psychology at Massey University in New Zealand. He has facilitated and presented workshops about qualitative research in health psychology at international meetings, including The International Congress for Behavioural Medicine. Kerry, with his outstanding academic and teaching skills provided the participants with the opportunity to explore epistemologies and ontologies for qualitative research in health psychology as well as suitable methods. There was an equal focus on the importance of understanding theories of qualitative research and developing skills to conduct such research. The focus of this workshop was on making the participants "bilingual" in the language and culture of both qualitative and quantitative research. The presentation was interactive and participatory, involving group work and exercises.
Qualitative Research in Health Psychology -This document contains a list of further readings on qualitative research in health psychology recommended by Kerry Chamberlain who was the facilitator of the CREATE workshop 2003 in Kos.
If you are interested in the slides Kerry Chamberlain used for the workshop, please do not hesitate to write him an email: K.Chamberlain@massey.ac.nz.
The workshop took place from 21st to 23rd of september, 2003. The workshop venue was the Kipriotis Village Hotel, Psalidi, Kos in Greece.
Gender, Culture and Health